Alison & Tyler

October 5, 2019Philadelphia, PA

Our Story
How We Met

As told by Bridesmaid Upasna Chakravarty

Alison and Tyler met their second year of college through Model UN, an activity everyone involved thought was “fun” and “rewarding.” They were managing the same committee, and all those long meetings at C-shop debating crisis ideas led to romantic feelings (because nothing excites a UChicago student more than a debate). Alison and Tyler developed crushes but didn’t want to do anything to shake up the dynamic of the group. Alas, love can only be suppressed for so long! Alison confessed her feelings to her college friends, Upasna and Tala. Upasna decided to take action. At Tyler’s birthday party, she pulled him aside and asked him about his feelings for Alison. Tyler was very honest and he liked Alison too. Upasna immediately informed Alison, who spent the rest of the night giddy and rolling on the floor because she finally was going to be with her man. The next day, Tyler FINALLY asked Alison out. They watched Wall-E on their first date. So in effect, we can all thank Pixar (and Model UN) for this romantic love story!

Engagement Story

When Alison was out for a drink with bridesmaid Ava Weiss, Tyler prepared their apartment for the engagement. To Alison's surprise, when she returned home, she saw Tyler in a suit, the apartment covered in candles, and two cocktail shakers sitting on the table. Sparing you the sappy details, Tyler said as long as they could come home and have a drink together in the evening - similar to her grandparents - they would be happy together. Tyler gave Alison the beautiful ring, which included diamonds that originally belonged to his great-grandmother and had been in both his mother's and his grandmother's rings. Alison, of course, said yes, and they've been planning for the celebration ever since.

The Wedding

Saturday, October 5, 2019
3:00 PM
Attire: Formal
ONE North Broad
One N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

The ceremony will begin at 3 PM and the reception will begin at 6 PM. We have recommended bars, coffee shops, and activities on the details section of the website to fill your time between the events!

Other Events

Sunday, October 6, 2019
9:00 AM
The Notary Hotel, Autograph Collection
21 N Juniper St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

Before heading home (or taking advantage of all that Philadelphia has to offer) join us for brunch at The Notary. A chance to debrief about the wedding, say bye to family and friends, and share a cup of coffee or two. You may join us from 9-11 AM.

After Party
Saturday, October 5, 2019
11:30 PM
Aloft Philadelphia Downtown
101 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

Let's keep the party going! Feel free to swing by the Aloft (only one block from the venue) for a drink and some late night snacks after the wedding.

Welcome Drinks
Friday, October 4, 2019
8:30 PM
The Notary Hotel, Autograph Collection
21 N Juniper St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

Join us for drinks after the rehearsal dinner! We are eager to welcome you to Philadelphia and want to get the weekend started right. Please join us for drinks, a few bites, and a chance to meet other guests!

Wedding Party

Anna Fedoris - Maid of Honor

Anna is Alison's younger sister and first best friend. Anna has always been the organized and creative sister and therefore secured her Maid of Honor status from the beginning. Anna and Alison have shared everything from bunk beds to a swim team and can't wait to share this special day. You can be sure to catch Anna getting some champagne courage before her speech, singing to One Direction, and bustling Alison's dress all night.

Mary Grace Fedoris - Maid of Honor

Mary Grace is Alison's youngest sister and is Co-Maid of Honor with Anna. While Mary Grace's style may differ slightly from Alison's (she wanted a themed wedding), there is one thing they can both agree on: Mary Grace is going to crush Tyler in the Wedding Day Dance-Off. You can be sure to catch Mary Grace tearing up the dance floor and rocking her way down the aisle.

Hanna Scherer - Bridesmaid

Hanna is Alison's West Coast cousin. Even though they grew up on opposite coasts they have always been close and even spent some time living on the other's home coast. You can be sure to catch Hanna sharing stories from living in San Francisco, dancing without shame with cousin Mary Grace and niece Maia, and tearing up from time to time because she loves weddings.

Upasna Chakravarty - Bridesmaid

Upasna is one of Alison’s best friends from college. They met on the first night of orientation, after getting ditched by both of their roommates. Alison and Upasna instantly bonded over MUN, all night parties and morning “debriefs”. You can be sure to catch Upasna shaking up the dance floor. She’ll definitely get you off your seat!

Tala Radejko - Bridesmaid

Tala and Alison met on their very first day of college, and with Upasna, they all bonded over being ditched by their actual roommates. They quickly became friends and share a deep love for good food, good books, and morning debriefs - not to mention a general rage against the patriarchy. You can find Tala at the cookie table as she tries to decide which one to try next!

Ali Leslie - Bridesmaid

Ali is the only (and by default, favorite) sister of the groom. Given the birth name “Alison,” she suspects that Tyler is grateful that she adopted the nickname “Ali” in her childhood years since she shares the name with her soon to be sister-in-law. She is very excited to officially welcome Alison into the family and cannot wait to celebrate the big day! Until then, she will be perfecting her terrible wedding puns, which are bound to get a good reception…

Ava Weiss - Bridesmaid

Ava and Alison met as colleagues at their first post-college job. Despite never meeting when they were both undergrads at the University of Chicago, Alison and Ava hit it off right away and soon developed a weekly tradition of going to yoga and a pub, which has provided a foundation for their friendship ever since. You can be sure to catch Ava beaming uncontrollably and raising a glass to Alison and Tyler at their wedding!

Evan Leslie - Best Man

Evan is Tyler's younger brother and, despite sharing a bathroom throughout their adolescence and early adulthood, somehow still tolerates him. Evan is happy to confusedly explain his work in Biochemistry, talk about climbing, hiking and photography, or his time living in Switzerland. He can also share embarrassing self-deprecating stories of growing up with the groom, like when he was so terrified of Harry Potter, that Tyler had to sleep in his room for a week straight.

Kyle Greene - Groomsman

Tyler and Kyle were fast friends from the minute they stepped on the football field in 9th grade. While Tyler never had Kyle’s singing voice, they insisted on blaring and singing Nelly on the drive from school to football practice and shouting Terry Tate Office Linebacker quotes on the field. You can find Kyle tearing up the dance floor in his Air Force Ones. Be sure to ask him about the 60 foot slip and slide they built in the summer of 2012.

Atticus Pomerantz - Groomsman

Atticus is one of Tyler’s best friends from high school. Whether it was surviving group social studies projects, playing Rock Band, or meeting up at Tea Garden for bubble tea, the two were frequently spotted together. Ask Atticus about music, life in Minneapolis or coding.

Arun Abraham-Singh - Groomsman

Arun has known the groom since his first year at UChicago. They've shared late nights with Model UN, vyed for fantasy football supremacy, and spent hours convincing each other to visit their respective hometowns. Ask Arun about where you should travel to next or how the stock market really works.

Ryan Wier - Groomsman

As a long-time friend of Alison's and growing friend of Tyler's, Ryan is excited to see these two get hitched! Ryan and Alison have been friends since 2006 and share fond memories of swimming and high school. Ask Ryan about cooking, the arts, and healthcare. Fun fact - Ryan has lived in both Alison's and Tyler's hometowns!

Lilly Orr - Program Attendant

Lilly may be one of the youngest members of the wedding party, but she makes up for it by being the sassiest! Alison's little cousin will be handing out programs with her buddy Maia at Old St. Joe's. Before she retires for the evening, you'll see Lilly competing with Mary Grace for best dancer!

Maia Scherer - Program Attendant

Maia will be joining Lilly as the two cutest members of the wedding party. Known for her curiosity and adventurousness, Maia will be exploring and bringing her West Coast spirit to Philadelphia. She'll be celebrating with bridesmaid Auntie Hanna throughout the night.